Pictures of the layout in Pleftdroid!

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Pleftdroid version 1.1 now available!

In the new Pleftdroid version 1.1 the following things have been changed:

– A bug that appeared while adding comments has been fixed

– A new function has been added in options. The “Switch to Pleft Theme”, which makes it possible to switch from the pleftdroid theme to the theme.


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Pleft Tryout launched to test jQuery rewrite

Pleft Tryout is our new testing ground for updates to Pleft’s design.

The data is the same as on the regular, and you can easily
switch back and forth. Note that when you invite someone using Pleft
Tryout, the link that person will receive also points to Tryout. If
you are not sure that your invitees’ browsers support Tryout’s
features, send the invitation using regular Pleft.

At the moment, we are testing the jQuery rewrite that has been
completed today. It seems to work quite well in Firefox and Chrome,
and has not been tested in Internet Explorer yet.

Any feedback is welcome at our new UserVoice page. Feel free to also
keep contacting us using the mailing list, issue tracker or other
channels. At this moment, I am especially interested in making sure
that the new version doesn’t introduce new problems compared to the
old one, so that can be updated.

The source code of Tryout is available in our ‘tryout’ branch.

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Stay updated on Google Code!

If you would like to read more about the potential enhancements, issues and other things that we’re working on or if you would like to contribute by developing some code for Pleft!

Take a look at the Google Code page and start talking with the other contributors!

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Android Application for Pleft now available!

For all the Pleft users with an Android phone, it is now possible to download the Pleft Application in the Android Application store!

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New website by the makers of Pleft

Since a couple of days the makers of have launched a new website.

It’s (only available in Dutch). The website calculates the maximum cost of a taxi fare in the Netherlands. So before you enter a cab, you can find out how much the trip is going to cost you. The website works also on smartphones, so you can check the taxi fares wherever  you are.

The price is based on the maximum taxi fare stated by the Dutch government, the amount of people in the cab and the fastest/shortest route based on Google maps.

We hope you will enjoy the website!

PS. Check The Google Chrome Webstore for the Chrome app of


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A glimpse in the Pleft development process

Thanks to Frank for the referral.






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